Deadwood, Sioux Nations, 1879

An illegitimate mining town in forbidden territory, existing only at the whim of the local Indians, and connected to civilisation by a single railway line, operating at extortionate prices. Two thousand souls make up this rough-and-tumble community, primarily miners and those who make their living from those miners, and those who extort their living from everyone else. It’s not a pretty place, consisting as it does of hastily-thrown-together buildings, tents and muddy streets, but to its residents, it is home – at least until the ghost rock rush is over.

Five heroes have banded together to defend it against the creatures of darkness: a gifted gambler, an expatriate doctor, a fugitive preacher, a penniless brawler and a homeless shaman.

This is their story…

Background image: Smoke of a 45, Charles Marion Russell, 1908

Tales from the Beowulf Saloon

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