Jenson Sorrenson

The proprietor of the Beowulf Saloon (deceased)


Jensen Sorrenson is the proprietor of the Beowulf Saloon. Originally from Sweden, his family emigrated to the New World after the 1848 revolutions, so that he spent much of his childhood in Wisconsin. He took the opportunity to move west, seeking a niches of his own in the early 1870s, eventually arriving in Deadwood, where he set up a saloon at the poorer end of the town. As a life-long Lutheran, he retains a morally-upright demeanour, and forbids the presence of prostitutes in his saloon, although he has no problems with gamblers, providing there’s no violence.

He has a somewhat abrasive relationship with Al Swearingen of the Gem Theater, but intends to expand his business, serving those who dislike the more raucous atmosphere uptown.

Jenson Sorrenson

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