Dr Alexandra Dupre

5'6", 31 y.o. female, Short, black hair, black eyes, generally wears western attire and carries a Colt .45 on a gunbelt, a hunting knife, and usually a doctors' black bag


Born and raised in Quebec, Canada, Alexandra spent her teenage years in (and was educated in) Toronto, Canada. She holds an MD (major in epidemiology) and DVM (general veterinary medicine)

Her father Fran├žois was a doctor and surgeon, conscripted by the British to serve in the “Canadian” army in the invasion of Detroit, was captured by US forces, and kept as a POW and a trusty in a US prison camp in Canton, Ohio, doctoring both US and Canadian casualties)

Alexandra heard of her father’s plight (as a trusty, he was allowed to write home) travelled (slowly, and by stages) to Canton and bribed another trusty to turn a blind eye while her father escaped and she and her father fled South on the Deadwood express…

Her father set up as a general doctor in Deadwood, and she as the town vet. She learnt to both hunt and ride. Her father was killed in suspicious circumstances (written off as a hunting accident) two years ago.

Alexandra has carried on his practice, in addition to being the town vet.

She is determined to find out who killed her father and who ordered the cover up, but she knows better than to do so openly.

She cannot return to British-owned Canada (her father was regarded as a deserter by them and an escaped prisoner by the US Army) and the further she can get from the reach of both military powers, the better. She also left Canada (and entered the US) illegally, given that both countries are still officially at war.

For now, she saves every dollar she can, and hopes to head out of Deadwood as soon as a genuine (and ideally profitable) opportunity arises.

Dr Alexandra Dupre

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