Tales from the Beowulf Saloon

High Noon at the High Time

"They scalped Bigfoot!"

Following their encounter with Senorita Delgato, the posse decided it was time to leave the High Time Saloon.

Heading back into the centre of Deadwood, they headed for the Marshal’s office, intending to convince him of Delgato’s true nature. Unfortunately, Seth Bullock, a man already seen to be reluctant to deal with anything outside his narrow view of his responsibilities. Although they explained the situation and showed him the photographs, he remained unconvinced, saying he could not take down a pillar of local society on the basis of an unexplained corpse and a potentially-doctored photograph.

As they argued with him, there was a shout from outside: one of the deputies had found another body. Bullock dismissed the team and headed out to see what had been found. They followed him to Deadwood Creek, where several deputies were cordoning off an area around a bloody body. Miss Dupre was able to get closer, on account of her profession, and realised that the victim had been totally skinned. Despite several attempts, it was not possible to identify the unfortunate, only that it was male and of average height and build.

Hawkeye also managed to get closer and found the whole thing brought up some very worrying memories.

Pastor Law was later approached by Miss Hayes, who asked him to organise a funeral for Sorrenson. Law agreed as it was part of his duty to his flock, but also because he could see an opportunity to flush out Delgato. The group spent the next few hours planning and debating tactics. Ultimately, it was decided to go ahead, using a mirror to expose her to all the attendees. Further debate resulted in the decision to place it within the lid of the coffin.

The funeral service took place immediately after the Sunday service, in order to ensure as large a congregation as possible. The coffin, along with two others containing the unknown bodies found by Hawkeye in the hills, was set up near the table at the head of the half-built church. The majority of the posse (except Hawkeye, who kept away, and the pastor) stood with the deceased’s fiancĂ©e. The town’s great and good (and others) had turned out to mourn the passing of one of the community’s pillars, including Al Swearengen, Bullock, Doc Roberts and several representatives of the Chinese community. Delgato also made an appearance, but stayed near the back of the church.

Law attempted to introduce a new “tradition” of touching the coffin, in order to get everyone to come near the mirror, but Delgato declined to take part, so he was forced to put off the big reveal.

Following the service, most of the congregation accompanied the coffins to the newly-dug plots on Boot Hill. The final committal went smoothly and the attendees began filing past to drop soil on the coffin, this time including Delgato. As she arrived, Law jumped into the grave, hauling up the coffin lid to reveal Sorrenson’s corpse and the mirror.

Several people saw her true face revealed, and more pressed into see why they were reeling back in shock. Many of them fled immediately and Delgato went berserk.

Law and Dupre opened combat with their shotguns but had no effect, while Folden leapt into a kung-fu attack and Hampden hit her with one of his magical playing cards. That last hurt her, but the succubus retaliated by using her supernatural abilities to charm Folden into defending her: he launched himself across the open grave towards the unfortunate gambler.

Law took the opportunity to bless his weapon and fired again, but she shrugged off the damage. Hawkeye, meanwhile, attempted to ward Folden off from Hampden. The bouncer was able to recover his wits and legged it back towards Delgato.

Folden and Law began to hammer the succubus, while Dupre began desperately calling for help. Swearengen turned back with his own posse of enforcers and opened fire. Although his men’s guns had no effect, his own Chinese jade revolver was made of sterner stuff. It inflicted enough damage that she decided to make a run for it (although not flying – the wings appeared to be spirit only).

Law called on the power of the Lord and managed to trip her, so that she fell into an open grave, then Folden pelted her with chi-enhanced stones. Nearly beaten, she tried to get to her feet and climb out, but Swearengen stepped up and put another bullet through her head.

She promptly vanished in a purple flame, giving off a foul smelling oily smoke.

Swearengen turned to the heroes and told them he was impressed. They had an ally against these supernatural beasts who would help them when needed.

/Note: Swearengen’s return was due to the play of a reinforcements card from the Adventure Deck. Tripping into the grave was the result of the Entanglement power – normally not allowed due to the lack of vegetation in that area/


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